Greenwood Collective Drive-In


Juneteenth is not a trend, it’s a celebration! And we’re planning to celebrate through showcasing the talent and perspectives of Black and Brown film makers all weekend! 

To kick off a weekend of culture and homage to the Williams’ Dreamland Theater in Tulsa, The Greenwood Collective presents the Drive-In, curated by BlackStar. This is the drive in with a purpose - a unique experience in the heart of Philadelphia to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the BlackStar Film Festival. The GC Drive-In will be showcasing a variety of movies, ranging from new classics to independent films, directed by Black and Brown women. This collaboration with BlackStar emphasizes the true essence of Black Wall Street, where communal investment is central to the building of thriving culture and economy within the community. A portion of every ticket sale will be donated to BlackStar to provide support for rising creatives and entrepreneurs in film. 

Come early to mark your favorite parking spot for an enhanced experience. Concessions, courtesy of Greenwood Supper Club, will be available for purchase onsite. There will be an FM channel, provided onsite, to tune into and listen to the movie audio while in your vehicle. Wearing masks will be enforced when less than a six foot distance cannot be maintained. Social distancing will be enforced for all vehicles. You can find our COVID safety guidelines here

This series will take place from June 17th - 19th, 2021 at the Global Leadership Academy Charter School West, 4601 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19131.


Doors open at 6:30 PM

Tickets will be scanned upon entry.

*In the event that disturbances do occur, the Greenwood Collective staff do reserve the right to remove any disturbances from the premises.*

Please review the drive-in policies, liability statement, and answers to other frequently asked questions here